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What Is A High School Research Paper: A Brief Tutorial?

Once you get into high school, those little essays that you did in middle school have transformed into really involved research papers. They are designed to get students to take a more in-depth look into a particular topic that relates to their field of study and to analyze how well they are able to apply the concepts that they are learning in class. This piece is one of the most common papers that most people will have to write and if you know how to accomplish it successfully, you should be fine.

Here is a brief tutorial on writing a high school research paper:

  1. You will choose a general topic to start. It needs to relate to the course that you are taking. You can look through your textbook to find the right topic to start with. From there you will work on narrowing it down.
  2. Conduct some research on your topic to get an idea of what you will write your paper on. You will basically be developing a research question about your topic. You answer will become your thesis statement and the main focus of your piece.
  3. The next step will be to continue your research until you can answer your research question. Your results will be what your paper is about. You will make your statement and then prove it using evidence that you have gathered from your research.
  4. You will have to give credit for any information that you have taken from another source unless it is considered common knowledge. If you can’t decide what is considered common knowledge, it is best to just give the author the credit. That way you won’t have to worry that you are plagiarizing their material.
  5. Create an outline that plans out what you are going to say and when you are going to say it.
  6. Add transitional phrases in between the paragraphs and add to your outline until it is a cohesive piece that works to prove the thesis.
  7. Read through your rough draft and make any necessary edits. If you want to ensure that you didn’t miss anything, you can ask a professional to help you edit it. They may be able to find things that you missed.

The main thing that you have to make sure that you do is to be clear and concise about what you are talking about. It is very easy to get yourself off track and your goal is solely to prove the thesis. Any information that does not work to prove that statement will take away from the piece instead of helping it.

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