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The ugly truth: what students hate about term paper writing

Just get Started, NOW!

I have been an English professor for twenty-five years and I know something that my students do not know that I wish I could make them know. Term papers are not hard to write if you would just sit down and begin them.

Know this—everyone fears writing for some reason. Most students will tackle a math problem quickly enough because they know they will simply get the problem right or wrong while students will sit in front of that blank sheet of paper on their computer for hours, accomplishing nothing.

Instead of getting NOTHING accomplished, why not leap into the writing—the part you at least feel most comfortable with.

Do Something—Anything

Let’s say you have a research paper due for an English class about the problem in America of obesity in teens ages 13-18. If you feel you can absolutely not write a sentence, begin with the research phase first.

First, Narrow the Focus of Your Research Down as Much as Possible.

There will be all kinds of essays on virtually any topic you have to write about, so first you have to figure out exactly what aspect of your topic you’re going to write about. For example, with childhood obesity, you could focus on the startling rate at which obesity is rising in teens. You could research what scientists and researchers think is the problem behind this rise in childhood obesity, or you could focus on solutions for the childhood obesity problem in America. But before you begin your research, you’ll have to decide exactly how you’re going to focus your essay.

Now, begin doing focused keyword searches for your topic. Let’s say you are going to focus on solutions to obesity in teens / children. You’ll want to search for combinations such as “solutions and childhood obesity” or “solutions and obesity in teens,” “solutions to the childhood obesity epidemic,” and other searches focusing on solutions—not just the problem – as this is the topic of your paper.

Now, If You Cannot Say Anything, Have Them Say Something

Now, you’re going to need quotes from these researchers, right. You’ll need quotes and statistics of, first, how prevalent this problem is in America. Second, you’ll need quotes on three or more solid solutions to this obesity problem in young people for you to discuss throughout the body of your essay. So start typing these down and watch your paper evolve.

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