Research Paper Manuals and Tutorials

Useful Manual for Writing a Research Paper Without Anyone's Help

Everyone has a learning style that works best for them. Although some students prefer to receive tips and advice from a teacher, other students work well on their own. If you need to write a research paper, there are resources that can offer tips, advice and useful ideas.

Finding Information

A research paper is exactly what it sounds like: a paper that requires exceptional research. Due to this, a research paper should utilize high-quality sources. Typically, these sources can be found online or in the library. If the source is from the Internet, you should always check the domain extension and the quality of the site. Extensions like .org, .edu, and .gov tend to be better quality, but that alone does not ensure that the site is reliable. Some government sites may have a political bias. If you gather data from the Internet, you should make sure that it is well referenced.

Read and Evaluate

Once you have gathered some sources from the library and the Internet, you should sit down and start to read through them. Use a notebook or note cards to jot down important information. You should also write down all of the bibliographical information from the source so that you can reference it in your research paper.

Creating a Topic and a Thesis

You should have had a fairly rough idea of your topic before you started researching. During the research phase, you can narrow down your topic further. Ideally, you want a topic that has plenty of research available and has not been written on before. This topic can be further refined into a thesis statement that will form the core backbone of the essay. Each part of your essay will have to support the thesis, so the topic that you choose is extremely important for how well your paper will ultimately turn out.

Making an Outline

Many students skip making an outline out of laziness. Ironically, creating an outline will actually save you time. By designing an outline, you can ensure that your essay is in a logical order and that you have enough research to support each point. If you do not have an outline, your research paper will end up with scrambled logic and a confusing order. Instead of having to return to the essay and edit your argument later, you can save time by creating an outline before you even start to write.

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Research Paper Tips

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