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College Argumentative Research Paper Topics: A List Of Questions You Can Analyze

Argumentative research papers are frequently assigned to college students all over the world. They can be interesting and enjoyable to research and write, especially if you like to stir the academic pot with a little controversy. You will need to examine the issue under discussion, take a position on the topic, and provide evidence in the body paragraphs of your paper that proves your thesis.

Often argumentative essay topic are framed as a question. You can then decide where you stand on the issue, and formulate a thesis that you will include in your introductory paragraph. You'll need evidence to support your ideas, and always finish with a confident closing paragraph that sums up your argument and conclusions. Your reader should finish your essay 100% convinced that you are right!

Here are some questions that may help you come up with an original argumentative research paper topic. Starting with a strong topic is a great way to make your way to a top grade.

  • Are You Defined By Your Past?
  • How much is nature, and how much of what makes us individuals is nurture? Is a person defined by their past, and if so, is it possible to escape it?

  • Should Violent Pornography Be Banned?
  • Does violent pornography cause sexual violence? Or is it a “safe” outlet for those who have violent sexual fantasies? A necessary evil, but perhaps vastly preferable to individuals committing sex crimes against innocent victims? Consider a case study of Japan where rape comics are found everywhere, and openly read on trains and buses. Yet the country has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world.

  • Will China Become The World's Next Super Power?
  • Is the end of Pax American near? If so, what happens next?

  • Should Every Student Be Required To Study A Second Language?
  • As globalization speeds ahead, should all students in all countries be made to learn a second language? Or, since English seems to be becoming the international language of commerce and politics, should everyone be forced to learn English?

  • Should Traitors Be Shot?
  • The death penalty is a common subject for argumentative essays. Why not narrow it down to being justifiable (or not) in a particular situation? If a terrorist has committed himself to killing as many people as possible, should he be shot as a preventative measure? Or must he kill before the authorities can stop him?

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