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How To Compose A Research Paper Introduction In The MLA Format

Writing a research paper introduction following MLA format may have a few variations. Your school may require you to present your information differently than another school or subject. This means you need to follow guidelines carefully and consider finding samples that follow the structure your paper needs to display. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to write your introduction for your research paper following MLA formatting.

Find Samples Following Similar Format for Guidance

In many cases students are new to the idea of creating a research paper in MLA format. You can find samples to help you understand what you need to do. It is a good idea to read a few samples and note how content is formatted. Keep in mind you may need to cite sources and present your data differently than you may be used to. Your instructor may provide guidance on where else you can go to get the help you need for your assignment. Upon studying samples take notes on what you need to do for your own paper.

Follow Guidelines for Your Assignment Closely

Many schools have different guidelines for their research paper. It is important to review this information carefully in case you try to find a sample online to follow. Some samples may provide different information that can confuse you when you get ready to start writing. A sample can help you understand how to format your paper using this style. Your introduction may have a little more work to complete than the rest of your paper since it will appear earlier in the context. Some details to pay attention to include sentence and paragraph structure, margins, spacing and placement of headings.

Review Essential Elements Required to Be Included

Find a sample that is close to what your research paper requires. The heading for your introduction may be centered on the page about an inch from the top. Your written information making up your introduction can be double spaced. After a period of a sentence it could be one space. Indent each paragraph with the tab key at about half an inch. Try to avoid using italics or all caps for the heading. For each point you can use roman numerals. Details for each point can be separated by letters (A. B. C. and so forth). Use an easy to read font at roughly 12 points. Margins are set at 1 inch for all sides of page.

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Research Paper Tips

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