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An Effective Method To Find A Free Research Paper Online

Once a teacher assigns a paper, students should research the topic thoroughly. Students who are new to the writing process should find example papers to look at. In these examples, students can learn how to structure an argument and get ideas for an essay. Thirty years ago, students had to read through books or ask a professor if they wanted to find an example. In modern times, examples are only a click away.

Choosing a Purpose

Before looking for a research paper, students should consider what they will use it for. If they just want an example, they should find the highest quality of paper possible. They will want to make sure that the document uses the correct writing style and skill level. Other students may want a free essay because they want to turn it in as their own work. For these students, extra caution must be used in finding a paper. If the document can be found during an Internet search, the student could end up facing plagiarism charges. Students must hire someone to write an original essay or be talented at paraphrasing a pre-written document.

Use the DOAJ

Known as the Directory of Open Access Journals, the DOAJ is a free search tool. Using it, students can search through scientific papers and research journals. Basically, the DOAJ is an enhanced version of a basic Internet search. Instead of looking through every document online, it looks through academic documents only. It also allows students to look at specific topic areas or journals.

Check Out Individual Academician Sites

Some academicians will have personal websites for their work. On these sites, the academician may keep PDF copies of their writing. Since these individuals write and research professionally, they have some of the best examples available. In addition to academicians, scholarly groups, societies and organizations may have papers as well. Governmental bodies often publish research findings online in a format that is similar to a basic research paper.

University Web Pages

At larger universities, students can find example papers on the college's website. These may be listed on the library's website or under specific subjects. If the student's college does not have free papers online, the student can always check out one of the Ivy League schools. These universities already have this program, and they make the service free for the public. Ideally, the student should find an essay from their own university so that the writing requirements are similar.

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Research Paper Tips

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