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Reliable Sources With Topics For College Research Papers

Reliable sources that you can use for your research paper are ones that are written and created by reliable sources.  This includes your school’s database; also know as EBSCO and the library itself.  You can also use reliable sources online, you could use Google Scholar to find reliable sources but you can also use journals and reliable article from magazines that have experts writing for them.  These are all reliable sources that you can use for your research paper.

College Research Paper Topics

Aging:  How we view aging or the aged?  Are our views different from ten or even twenty years ago?  How will people living longer affect our society? Does this mean that we need reform for social security and how would we do that? What improvements are needed to help the elderly?  What is the quality of life that senior face today and in the future?

American Culture: Do we have an American culture or is our country made up of multiple cultures?  Has there ever only been one culture?  Does the media and entertainment industry affect our culture? What are some good cultural influences in our society and what are bad ones?  Should the government play a role in our culture?

America’s Prisons: Do prisons prevent crime? How inmates be treated in prison?  Where is the line between excess and inadequate punishment?  Is prison labor effective?  Are there alternatives to prison and are they as effective or better or worst?  Should we still give minimum sentences to all inmates, or set better guidelines to prevent overpopulation?

Disease:  Has using antibiotics changed how we treat diseases? Should we have reform to help prevent overuse and abuse of them?  How can we prevent lifestyle diseases like, diabetes, skin cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc?  How has vaccinations help health care and should children be required to be vaccinated for certain diseases, that is mandatory?

Endangered Species:  How serious is the problem of the rate of extinction?  Are the efforts taken to prevent it working?  Should saving endangered species have a higher priority over other things?  What about development and property rights, these both have to do with people destroying their habitats?  Is there something we can do to protect them in other countries?

Homeless:  Is homelessness a major problem in the United States?  What cause a person or family to become homeless?  Are there housing available to help them? What should we do about homeless families and individuals?  

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