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US History Term Paper Topics: 50 Ideas To Consider

Writing a US history paper? Here are 50 topics for your consideration:

  1. How were the Native Americans affected by the arrival of the Europeans?
  2. How has religion changed in American over the last 20 years?
  3. How the practice of slavery came to be so mainstream in America?
  4. What was it like to be a slave in America?
  5. What were the 3 most important days that helped abolish slavery?
  6. Who were the top 5 most important people to help remove slavery?
  7. The colonist were rebelled against by Native Americans, why is this?
  8. How did the Native Americans rebel against the colonists?
  9. What are the three most interesting facts about the American Revolution?
  10. How has the American Revolution shaped the America that is today?
  11. In the long run was the American Revolution a good thing?
  12. In which decade did the infrastructure of America really take off?
  13. During the 1800’s how were politics used to solve a common problem?
  14. Was the civil war a direct result of slavery?
  15. Without slavery would America be the powerhouse that it is today?
  16. How were slaves treated once they arrived on the shores of America?
  17. Is current education on US history good enough?
  18. What topics deserve more focus regarding US history education?
  19. What US history topics should never be forgotten?
  20. How were the states of America formed?
  21. Which American state has had the worst luck during its history?
  22. Which American president did the most to improve the economy of the country?
  23. During the 19th century which American president was the most popular?
  24. How was the wild west impacted by women?
  25. What role the America play in World War 2?
  26. Could America have done more to win both world wars?
  27. How did the Pearl Harbor disaster change America?
  28. Was the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb a justified event?
  29. Which technological advancements were the most significant during the 19th centaury?
  30. Was it a good idea to divide America into the state system that we have today?
  31. What was the most controversial president in US history?
  32. Which US president made more effort than most regarding women’s rights?
  33. What was the reason behind the population burst between 1880 and 1920?
  34. What could have been done more to prevent the financial crisis of the 1920’s?
  35. What can we learn from the stock market crisis?
  36. How has the rise of gangsters affected America as a nation?
  37. What was the importance of the Open Door Policy for America?
  38. What impact did the great depression have on America?
  39. What led to the great depression even taking place?
  40. What could have been done to reduce the effects of the great depression?
  41. What was the reason for Pearl Harbor getting bombed?
  42. Why did the US decide to drop a bomb on Hiroshima?
  43. How did the space race contribute to the overall technological advancement of the US?
  44. Was the space race a worthy pursuit for the interests of the public?
  45. Why is the Korean War also known as the Forgotten War?
  46. Was the Vietnamese War justified?
  47. How has the Cuban missile crisis affect the history of the US?
  48. Why did the Cuban missile crisis take place?
  49. What could have been done to prevent the Cuban missile crisis from getting out of control?
  50. Which decade was the most prosperous in US history?
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