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Techniques For Finding History Research Paper Topics For College Students

Open up your text book at look at the chapters and see what kind of topics that you covered. Do you see a topic that interests you? Was there a chapter that you really enjoyed learning about? Answer these questions and then you will have your topic for your research paper. If that doesn’t help you, then here are some topics you can consider for your history research paper.

History Research Paper Topics

  • How about your choose a century to do your research paper on? The 13th century was an interesting one, look at different centuries and choose an interesting one. You can even narrow down to like the 20th century Europe.
  • Another good topic is to choose an age. There was the dark ages, bronze age, middle ages, industrial age, Victorian age, and so on. Read up on all the ages and pick one that interest you the most.
  • What about picking a country and doing a history research paper on that? There are so great histories out there about other countries. Maybe you can do history research paper on where you ancestors came from.
  • Wars are an interesting topic to do your history research paper on. There are lots of wars that you can write about. You can cover what happen in them and how they changed the world today.
  • Pick something disastrous that happen in history, like the Titanic or the Chicago fire. Do some research on things like this and see if you can find an interesting topic to do your history research paper on.
  • We all know about the prediction about the world ending in 2012 because of the Aztec calendar but who were the Aztecs and why did they have things like this calendar? The Aztecs are an interesting group to do your research paper on and it is something different.
  • Diseased rats overran Europe and Asia in the 14th century killing about half of the population. This was called the Bubonic Plague or the Black Death. This event had a big effect on these countries and the rats themselves and the fleas on them transmitted the disease.

This should at least give you a good start on choosing a topic for your history research paper. Remember you want to pick a topic that does bore you or your research will take forever because you

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