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Twelve Good Topics For A Law Research Paper: Impressive Writing Ideas

Students who study law often write various research papers with the help of online thesis writing services. Law is a very broad field, so there are many topics from which you may choose. However, there are always students who have problems when it comes to selecting a topic for an academic paper. For this reason, this article contains a list of great topics for a paper related to law.

  1. Animal rights.
  2. This is an interesting topic because different people have different opinions on the rights that animals should have. Investigate this topic and make your own conclusion.

  3. Assistance to a suicide.
  4. An assisted suicide cannot be considered as a murder, but the assistant holds a great responsibility for this nevertheless. Discuss in your paper what the punishment for this crime should be.

  5. Capital punishment.
  6. The death penalty is a capital punishment in many countries. Discuss in your research paper whether it’s necessary to resort to such drastic measures.

  7. Civil rights.
  8. This topic allows you to investigate and discuss whether the civil rights in our state need to be changed or amended.

  9. Legal drinking age.
  10. Many people wonder why a person has rights to have sex from eighteen, but drinking alcohol is allowed only from twenty-one. Investigate this question and present your results.

  11. Legalization of drugs.
  12. Do your research and explore why some types of drugs might be legalized and why people shouldn’t be punished for using them.

  13. Sexual harassment.
  14. Some cases related to sexual harassment look really ridiculous from a normal perspective but are justified from the point of view of the law. What should be done about this?

  15. Law vs. religion.
  16. Some laws conflict with canons of particular religions and some religious canons conflict with the law. How can this be regulated?

  17. Diplomatic immunity.
  18. Such immunities often allow people to commit crimes and remain unpunished. Research this topic thoroughly and propose your solution.

  19. Public safety.
  20. Sometimes public safety conflicts with liberties of individual people. Can we do something about this?

  21. Alternative to prisons.
  22. Not all criminals deserve to be put into prisons. What are the alternatives to prisons and what types of criminals should be sentenced to them?

  23. Feminist jurisprudence.
  24. Many specialists consider that the feminist movement sometimes goes too far with its demands to the law. Investigate this topic and raise your arguments for or against the feminist jurisprudence.

This is only a small list of interesting topics on a law that you may use to write a brilliant paper.

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