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How To Come Up With Good Physics Research Paper Topic Ideas

New topics can be hard to come up with in any field. Physics may be a bit more conducive to this because the entire field appears to be undergoing a renaissance or at least resurgence in public interest. Astrophysics in particular has its own ‘rock stars’ which is something that few other sciences can claim. If you’re a physics student pursuing research, you can use the tips below to help you come up with great topics.

Read all the journals in your field

This may seem like an arduous task because there are so many but it pays to be aware of what’s most often written about and what’s on the cutting edge. It can also prevent you from engaging in research that operates under recently overturned theories.

Read a few journals from OTHER fields

By reading about other sciences you can come up with multidisciplinary work that is truly unique in its scope. If you’re especially ambitious you can try reading journals from fields outside of the range of natural sciences but it can be difficult to combine those subjects with physics to create academically viable papers.

Consult with your advisors

There are stories in the field of academia of washed up professors taking ideas from their students in order to remain relevant long beyond their prime. If your professor has this nasty habit, you should be hearing rumours to this effect. Take them as warnings and don’t share your most revolutionary discoveries and ideas within earshot of them. If your professor is trustworthy, ask for help in choosing your research topic. You may be able to cross the least viable topics from your brainstormed list more easily with help from someone more experience in the field.

Some ideas that can help you in your search for a research topic are:

  • Possible methods of achieving perpetual motion
  • Cosmology and the search for intelligent extra -terrestrial life
  • String Theory and its alternatives
  • Nanoscale physics and nano-robotics
  • Biophysics and the future of medicine

Most likely you have your own preferences that will make some areas much more attractive to you than others. Regardless, you can use these means to help you start your search. If all else fails, gather some of your fellow students together and brainstorm as a group. This will allow you all to benefit from each other’s creativity and experience to get better research topics together.

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