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How to Select and Narrow down Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

Psychology focuses on how human beings behave in different situations. It is an important branch of science that helps people better understand each other. Educational psychology is one of the branches of psychology. Its research area is broad, so students who have to write educational psychology research papers should narrow down their topics. Research topics may vary significantly, so every student can choose something he or she would like to study deeply. Several main criteria described below will help you select a right topic and then narrow it down.

Writing instructors agree that there is no single way to select research paper topics, it depends on your personal experience, knowledge, skills, and wish. However, there is the most basic procedure that is useful for every student.

  1. Remember that you should pick a topic that you are interested in. Educational psychology may seem quite boring, but in fact, there are many amazing subjects and complicated issues to research. You should be able to answer a simple question why you want to research a chosen topic, otherwise you will have troubles working on your paper.
  2. Brainstorming procedure is very effective when you have to choose a psychology research paper topic. It does not require lots of time and effort, and you can generate several great ideas. You can invite your friends or family members to participate in a brainstorming session; it is fun, and other people can come up with great ideas that are interesting to study. Once you have several topics in mind, you can consult your instructor and ask for some help.
  3. After you select a topic, you should ensure that it is narrow enough and can be covered within limitations of your paper. In other words, you should make a specific research problem from a chosen topic. If you cannot do it, it is the first sign that you should revise your topic. This problem should be specific enough and somehow interesting to the potential readers. It is better to do a literature review and understand whether you have enough facts, details, and examples to develop your topic. Some educational psychology studies require experiments. If this is your case, you have to make sure you can conduct it before the deadline.
  4. Sometimes, students make their topics too narrow. This will not work out, so your task is to select a topic that allows you to conduct a meaningful research and obtain useful results.

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