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Writing a strong thesis statement for a research paper: tips and examples

A thesis statement is responsible for setting up the paper. It is what your readers review in order to better understand what your argument is and what your paper is all about. That is why it is imperative that you have a strong thesis statement for your research paper.

With a strong thesis statement you can hook the attention of your reader. You can prepare them for what you will review or argue in your paper. You can keep them interested in your paper from start to finish.


When writing an academic paper, an abstract is a very important part because many professors and lecturers who asses what you have done just look at that part. This is the first paragraph or page of an academic paper that compresses the entire paper. Every school has its own strategies on how the abstract should be.

The study could have been very good. However, what was the necessity of doing the research? Why did you take a lot of time learning more about the paper? It is important to defend the model that you are coming up with. Also, focus on the main reason why the model is significant and why people should recognize it. There are different approaches to all this. For instance, you can take a theoretical model or a more practical one. You should also provide an important rationale, state the hypothesis or the research questions and the objectives of the paper. You should also indicate carefully the main methodology you used to get the data and write the proposal.


You should use the past tense when writing a report especially when you are referring to established facts. You should then organize the report in a format that is acceptable to the academic department. Remember that all schools have their own specified formats on how to write the report. You should consult with your instructor on how to write the document and format it. Each idea should be in its own paragraph.


If you are unsure of how to write a good thesis or you don’t really know what a strong thesis actually looks like you can turn to some examples or pay for custom thesis writing online. By reviewing sample papers and looking over examples of work done by previous students you can familiarize yourself with what is expected of you in your class.

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