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How To use A Proper Research Paper Reference Page Format

Research papers sound assured and comprehensive; and should be presented in an organized manner. What grades it with potency is the format style which seasons the different aspects of the research paper. Reference page is one such page wherein the style works authoritatively.

The format styles

You may use and choose among MLA, APA, Chicago and Harvard with the first two being the more preferred. These two have distinct but extremely effective styles. You have to refer to the sources both in-text and at the back (the reference page itself) making sure that the two aligns well.

Text and reference

The text page (it may be Abstract, Methodology, Analysis or Conclusion) carries the references only as a sketch. You may refer to the writer’s last name along with the page number. You may refer to a constricted form of website or the last names of authors in case there are multiple authors.

Proper alignment

The reference page of the research page is where you align these sources. Here, you have to present the writer’s last name followed by his first name and middle initial. The same goes for multiple authors, punctuated by commas.

Research’s online reference

The website has to be preceded by the author’s name, article’s name and the date of publication. In case the reference has been made from Bible, you need to mention the particular edition followed by the author and then sequence it with chapter and verse. This much respect has to be shown to the bible. Further mentions of the Holy book have to be referred only with the writer’s name, page number; chapter and verse.

Newspaper allusion

In case, the reference of the research work is made out of a newspaper, the system is more or less the same. You need to mention the author’s name and then the paper’s name (in italics). This is followed by the date of publication.

Book reference

In case there are too many references made from a book, you should mention them in a single line, in sequential order. In case, the reference is from a number of continuous pages, you should mention the first and last of the pages with a hyphen in between.

Adopting the style

The ½ inches indentation and running head should be made in a style in practice with the particular format style you have adopted. You should also give due emphasis on other aspects of the research paper to make it wholesome.

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