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How To Choose An Original American History Term Paper Topic

You are virtually guaranteed a better grade, if you choose and original and unique topic for your next term paper. This is true in an American history course, the same as with any other field of study. You want to get the attention of your audience with your title, and draw them into your paper in the first few sentences. Starting off strong will ensure that your readers stick with you, and continue reading your essay right to the end.

There are a countless number of topics to choose from. We have put together a list with some ideas for you to brainstorm.

The History Of Indigenous Peoples In Early America

So much has been written about the early European settlers in North America, but considerably less effort has gone into exploring the past of the original natives. Choose one tribe, for example, the Iroquois or Sioux nation, and search out a topic that interests you.

You could explore the social structures, or the agricultural and hunting methods used by the tribe. Or look at the economy of a specific region, and do a study of which tribes traded with each other for what commodities. What was the political role of women in different First Nations? What were the views of different peoples regarding homosexuality, monogamy, or minority rights?

The Effects Of The American Revolution

How did the revolution change the role of women in America? What were the results on the slave trade and the political rights of black people at the time? Or you could approach it from an economic perspective, and ask how the revolution impacted trade with Europe or other countries. Prefer novels to numbers? How were American authors affected by the revolution? Or how did writers of the time influence the actors (and the outcome?) of the war?

The Roaring Twenties And The Psychedelic Sixties

Choose an era or decade that you are curious to know more about. You will need to narrow your topic down to a manageable thesis. You could investigate the music, fashion or mafia in the twenties. If the sixties is more your speed, ask what effect the Beatles had on American youth. What were the repercussions of the peace movement on contemporary American politics? What was Obama doing while everyone else was turning on, tuning in and dropping out?

Remember! If you are concerned your topic may be too far out for your course supervisor, check with him or her before you begin your research and writing!

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