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How To Take Notes For A Research Paper In High School

High school is your first brush with the academic complications that you get used to in later studies. The first roadblock, invariably, is the research paper. Although you are not expected to go the whole hog with methodologies, you need to be compact and evocative in the main.

Here is how you take notes for the paper –

  • You should first chart the resources you are going to utilize. Map certain keywords and then search online through the placement of keywords. You will find useful excerpts. Just take them down in your rough draft to fall on later.
  • You should discuss the topical theme with learned people in neighborhood and pay attention to what they have to say. You will find enough points of interest. You should jot them down in order of merit.
  • You should also check out samples that are written in relevance to the topical theme. Go sincerely through it and jot down the emphatic segments. These work excellently as pliable notes.
  • You should discuss the theme on the educational forum and glean the matters of interest out there. You can use them also as possible notes for your paper. Make it a point to write them all down in a space where you can check them out at will.
  • You should plan methods in relation with the paper. You should hold talks and sample the surveys with the different strata of people. You will get enough mores of substance from therein if you pay attention.
  • You should again go through course book and reference material and scope important sections out. These act as auxiliary pieces of strengths for your paper. You should not leave any stones unturned in crafting an intelligent paper.
  • You should listen to what the teacher has to say. You should also pay heed to the pool of resources that your classmates bring to the table. You can check them out at your convenience. You are bound to rise richer from it.

The different subjects

This way, you get all the necessary notes for your research paper. It is a sizeable better option for opinionated subjects such as language and history. Nonetheless, it cuts a decent amount of ice for exact sciences as well. When you are through with the notes, strategize their positions in a systematic way. You should ideally place them in descending order, with the most emphatic point taking a pride of place. Your deed is done.

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