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10 Strong Argument Topics for a Research Paper

  1. Does a college degree guarantee a better income?
  2. Explore the relationship between education levels and job earnings. Compare the situation before and after the global financial crisis of 2008. Find out whether college is still a better investment of your time than trying to start your own business right after school.

  3. Are educational tests a good measure of competence?
  4. Testing is a fast and convenient means of assessing the knowledge levels of students, but is it accurate enough? Are there any better alternatives? Should academic success depend on test score results as strongly as it does now?

  5. Is global climate change mainly caused by human factors?
  6. The discussion of whether current global climate change is natural or manmade is most heated. Study the arguments of both sides to take your stance.

  7. Should animal lives be given priority over human health?
  8. Investigate the possible health threats of shifting to veganism, and decide whether saving animal lives is worth sacrificing the quality of human ones to this extent.

  9. Should human cloning be allowed?
  10. Weigh the possible health benefits of using a patient’s own cloned organs against the risks involved.

  11. Is a global water shortage crisis possible in the near future?
  12. Consider both the growing human population and the recent advancements in water cleaning and freshening technologies.

  13. Can torture be acceptable under certain circumstances?
  14. Study the arguments for and against the use of torture to prevent war crimes or terrorist attacks when all other methods have failed, as well as historical cases.

  15. Is the death penalty beneficial to society?
  16. Compare the economic costs of a death sentence; including all trials, appeals, and the actual execution; to the average costs of the upkeep of a life-term prisoner. Use recent DNA findings to determine the probability of a court’s mistake of condemning an innocent person to death.

  17. Should illegal immigrants be banned from the social welfare system?
  18. The stricter control over the distribution of welfare benefits could prevent illegal immigrants from using them. However, it can also lead to an increase in crime levels. Weigh the possible benefits and risks of this decision.

  19. Is cohabitation a better option than marriage?
  20. Find out whether men and women who live with unmarried partners are generally happier and more successful than their married counterparts, or vice versa. Look for research studies that examine the effects of being raised by married or unmarried parents on the health and academic performances of children.

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