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Top 20 sociology topics for research papers

Sociology might not be the most useful major for college students, but everyone should be required to take at least one class. This course looks at social behavior and how it develops and changes. Since all humans are involved in social behavior, it is interesting to look at what we do and why we do it. This is why sociology instructors assign research papers. Here are 20 of the top research paper topics for students who need to write a research paper:

  1. Poverty and school failure: Some say this is the number one reason schools fail. Are there any schools that succeed despite real poverty?
  2. The purpose of prisons: Do they help society? Are they being abused? Are there viable alternatives?
  3. The failure of prisons: How and why do they fail? What can be done to end the failure?
  4. Dress codes and uncontrollable sexuality: Are girls given dress codes because boys cannot control themselves?
  5. Smartphones and communication changes: Do we still have face-to-face communication? How are children affected by texting rather than talking?
  6. Suicide and the survivors: What does suicide do to those who are still alive?
  7. The reasons we have childhood: This is a relatively new part of life. Is it necessary? Should it be shortened?
  8. Gangs as family: What draws people into gangs? What are their families not doing?
  9. Divorce and the child: Is there anything new that we can learn about divorce and how it affects children?
  10. Cultures, clothing, and characteristics: Why do different cultures dress differently? Why do they use different words? What are the characteristics that set cultures apart from each other?
  11. Funerals as rituals: Are we all still wearing black and behaving in somber ways when we attend a funeral?
  12. Millennials vs. Gen-Xers: How is life different for these two groups?
  13. The culture of tattoos today: How do tattooed people behave differently than non-tattooed people?
  14. Urban legends and the Internet: How are the legends perpetuated or stopped by the Internet?
  15. Birth order and personality: This is always an interesting topic.
  16. Myths about boys: Boys often get a bad rap. What myths are really myths?
  17. Sandwich generations and their stresses: This is a new term. What is the sandwich generation and why is it so challenging?
  18. Plastic surgery and gossip: We all know when someone gets plastic surgery. So many people say bad things about it. Why are we getting plastic surgery then?
  19. Children who commit crimes: Should they be allowed to attend public school? Should they go to prison? How do we stop them from committing crimes? How should their parents be treated?
  20. Cliques in high school: How have they changed over the years?

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