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10 horrible events to use as history topics for research paper

Much of human history is made up of the simple stories of people living their lives in relative peace and never doing anything particularly noteworthy. The stories that make it to our knowledge are often the outliers: extreme cases of bravery, cowardice or even violence. Here are some topics based on some of the more horrific events in humanity’s history.

Hysteria: How a little town called Salem became synonymous with intolerance

This topic can address how witch hunts became commonplace in the town and why so many died as a result.

Unmarked Grave: Genghis Khan’s last display of power

Legend had it that the hundreds of soldiers who escorted Genghis Khan to his grave were slaughtered to ensure they never revealed its location. This paper can explain why displays of power were so important in that time.

Trans-Atlantic Chattel Slavery and it’s ripple effects to the modern day

The enslavement of Africans has crippled several economies and this paper can look into the ways that is reflected in modern society.

The Making of a Holocaust: How Hitler made mass murder palatable to a nation

The holocaust was only possible because the majority of German society was convinced to either agree or keep silent. This paper can explain what methods of coercion led to this.

Belgium’s legacy of violence in the Congo

The Congo is extremely violent at present and this paper can explain how the Belgian treatment of native people is mirrored by its current rebel groups.

Into the Hinterlands: How Columbus’ exploits brought chaos to the new world

This topic explains itself.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The bombs that never should have dropped

This topic is also self explanatory.

The French Revolution: Violent birthing of the Concept of Human Rights

This paper will look at how centuries of exploitation by the ruling classes led to a violent uprising and the concept of ‘rights’.

How Colonization sowed the seeds of discord from which the Rwandan genocide grew

The Rwandan massacre was in part due to favorable treatment being meted out to one group by colonial powers for centuries. This paper can explore how this occurred and the timeline of the actual genocide.

Strange Fruit: A History of Lynching in the American South

The post-slavery mistreatment and murder of African Americans in the Southern United States can be explored in this paper.

These topics may not be the most pleasant to write but they can produce highly thought provoking papers.

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