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The 15 Best Research Paper Topics On Web Data Mining

So you find yourself facing a research paper on Web data mining. You’re probably thinking that is not a topic you would have chosen for yourself. But now that you have it, it’s time to suck it up and get the job done.

First step: finding the topic

You can’t get started at all until you’ve decided on the topic on which you want to write your paper. Start by making a list of what you know about data mining. If it is a short list, then you need to do a little basic reading up on the subject first. You can do a Google search on the general topic of “data mining” and get an abundance of information. But you have to narrow that down to one specific, manageable topic.

Narrowing the field

The field of data mining is an extremely broad one. It includes many techniques, from neural networks to clustering and outlier detection. Decide if you want to write about types of techniques that can be applied to Web data mining, or are you more interested in the design and improvement side of Web data mining? If you’re thinking about solving a problem or trying to improve a technique, decide specifically what you want to target in your paper.

Best topics for Web data mining research papers

If you’re still drawing a blank after a little reading, don’t despair. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best topics for research papers on Web data mining. Look over these; if one of them tickles your fancy, feel free to take it and run with it.

  • What is the connection between data mining and statistics?
  • Analysis of effectiveness of targeted advertisements in social media
  • Trends in business marketing that are supported by sentiment data from social networks
  • Development of practical algorithms for social opinion analysis on social networks
  • Analysis of data mining patterns for software engineering
  • Data mining statistics that drive engineering for the Cloud
  • Sentiment analysis of blogs to identify trends over time
  • Effective techniques for Web data mining in a network setting
  • How to develop a unifying theory of data mining
  • Use of fuzzy clustering in data mining
  • Possible applications for temporal data mining
  • Predicting software fault patterns with data mining
  • Ethics of using Web data mining for political gain
  • Process-related problems in Web data mining
  • Procedures for mining sequence data and time series data

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