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7 Interesting Research Paper Ideas For Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer (or perhaps serial killers) active in the year 1888 in Whitechapel in London. In the series of murders, the victims were impoverished prostitutes in the slum areas of the city. The throats of the victims were slashed and later abdominal incisions were made. In three of the victims, internal organs had also been removed. This led to speculation that the killer had some sort of medical training. The murders in 1888 and later murders committed in the same area up to 1891 were never conclusively connected to each other or to the same killer. However, the brutality of the murders and the subsequent coverage given to the events by the press ensured that the part fact, part fiction singular entity of “Jack the Ripper” became the dominant narrative of the case.

The myth of Jack the Ripper has endured through the centuries due to similar reasons as described above. Here are seven interesting research paper ideas regarding Jack the Ripper:

  1. The Identity of Jack the Ripper.
  2. Although it was never conclusively proved that the murders were carried out by the same man, that is what remains the main narrative of the tale. Explore why the police were unable to discover the real identity of the killer.

  3. The Removal of Internal Organs from Victims.
  4. It was reported that three of the victims were missing internal organs that had been surgically removed. Explore the significance of organ removal. Has this happened in other serial killer cases and what was the reason?

  5. The Social Status of the Victims.
  6. In the 1880’s, deaths of impoverished prostitutes did not rank particularly high on the agenda of the police. Despite this, the case of Jack the Ripper gained extreme notoriety. Explain whether the low station in society of the victims played a part in the case remaining unsolved.

  7. The Investigation.
  8. What do the surviving police files on the case tell us about the procedures carried out by the investigating officers?

  9. The beginning of the science of Criminal Profiling.
  10. Explore the role of the Jack the Ripper case in the inception of the science of criminal profiling.

  11. Letters from the killer.
  12. Three letters received by various parties are assumed to be from the killer. Explore the history of the killer’s letters.

  13. The Legacy of Jack the Ripper.
  14. Explore the legacy of the Jack the Ripper case, taking especial account of the effects on media coverage, the consequences of neglect of impoverished areas and on searches for subsequent serial killers.

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