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A Selection Of 19 Brilliant Literary Research Paper Topics

When you take an English or literature class, you will have essays, compositions, and all forms of papers. Your teacher may allow you to pick your own topic; so then you can pick a subject that appeals to you. If you get stuck, try out one of our amazing and brilliant literary ideas.

19 Ideas

  1. Dystopian novels and the attraction of preteenagers to the genre-name some of the more popular titles such as Catching Fire or The Giver
  2. Shakespeare and his use of the Bible and mythology throughout his works
  3. Comapre two characters from different novels such as Santiago (Old Man and the Sea) and Atticus (To Kill a Mockingbird)
  4. Compare two writers from different time periods such as Robert Frost to Claudia Emerson
  5. Look at gender specific books and see what harm or what positive impacts those books may have on young children
  6. Find two strong female or male writers of poetry from literature and compare and contrast them to each other
  7. Find two heroes in literature and complete a comapre and contrast on the tow heroes
  8. The plays of the American stage-pick several of the famous ones and look at the writers and the plays
  9. New poets and what they have to offer, you can select the ones you want to study
  10. The Lost Generation-who, what, where, when, and why
  11. Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, their world and their woes
  12. Pick two-three writers of a certain region and time period and write about them
  13. Dante and his hell, how the design was set up and who was at the different levels and why they were there
  14. The Ladies of literature-pick several strong female characters from British literature and explore them
  15. The myths of different cultures and how they exist, such as the Creation myth
  16. The stories, lengths, tales, and myths of Native Americans (pick a specific tribe or the subject will be too general)
  17. The elements of drama and how they guide a play’s plot-pick a play, so that you can give examples and show the movement
  18. Saki and his amazing short stories and unexpected twists among them
  19. The writing and songs of protest in the American culture-which have stood the test of time and what do they stand for

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