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How Write Term Paper In MLA Format: Basic Guidelines

The MLA style is a guideline for the use of writing in the English language, usually about subjects dealing with social sciences. In this style, writers can refer their sources by providing a parenthetical citation within their text, creating a structure of credibility and authenticity to their works. There are many different guidelines available for this structuring a paper, however, many credible institutions request that all papers be submitted in the MLA format. Here are some basic guidelines on how to write a term paper in MLA format:

  1. Size of paper and fonts
  2. Standard papers sizes are to be used, this is commonly sheets of length 11 inches and width 8.5 inches. An easy to read font must be used, its italics format must also be clearly identifiable from standard text. Italics play an important role in this paper format type.

  3. Spacing and punctuation
  4. Doubles spacing is to be used at all times and one spaces is to be left after all punctuation marks, unless otherwise specified by your professor. A proper margin of one inch wide must be made on all pages of your document and paragraphs are to be indented one half inch, or press the tab button, from the left margin.

  5. Page heading and numbering
  6. All pages must be numbered in order in the top, right hand corner of each page, directly on the right margin. Unless specified to do otherwise by your instructor, you may begin your page numbering on the very first page. All titles for section in your paper must be centered at the top of the page and done in italics. Italics may also be used to show emphasis when necessary.

  7. References and citations
  8. All cited pieces must be accompanied by the author’s name and the page of the journal from where it was taken. A more complete reference will be included for each cited piece in the work cited pages. The authors name can be stated in the sentence containing the quote or the parenthesis that follows each quote, however the page number must always be in placed in the parenthesis.

  9. Works cited page
  10. At the end of the main body of your paper, you must include a works cited page. This page contains information about all sources cited in your paper and this section should contain relevant information like the author’s name, journal or book name, publication dates and titles.

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