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Helpful Tips for Writing an Impressive MLA Formatting Style Research Paper

Writing a research paper in MLA format is not very difficult for any student. It just requires strict adherence to the instructions. Use the following tips to write an impressive research paper in MLA style:

  1. Document settings.
  2. Set up the margins to be 1-inch on each side of the page. Your text should be double-spaced (use 2.0 height). Select the font to be Times New Roman, 12-point. One of the most popular mistakes is spacing after paragraphs. Remove all the extra space using the line spacing settings.

  3. Page header.
  4. MLA style requires headers at the top right corner of every page (including the first one). Headers should contain your last name and page number. Don’t add the abbreviation “p.” before the number of the page.

  5. Title.
  6. According to MLA format, you shouldn’t write the title on a separate page. Just write the main information about your research paper in the left corner of the first page – your name, instructor’s name, course name and number, and today’s date. On the next line, type the title of your paper. Your title should inform your readers about the main point of your research. It shouldn’t be just “English Paper.” To reveal your opinion, you can even reuse the main part of your thesis statement. This trick will definitely catch your readers’ attentions. Don’t italicize, bold, highlight, or enlarge the font of your title – it should be in the same font as the rest of your text.

  7. Citing.
  8. The most difficult part of writing a research paper in MLA format is providing the appropriate citations. Citations are not only required to be listed on a separate page, but also in the text itself; this is needed to avoid plagiarism. You can use inline or block quotes. If the text you want to cite is shorter than three lines, you should use an inline style. If you really need to cite a passage that contains several lines, it’s better to use a block quote. Whatever the case, avoid introductions that are too long in the text – don’t write a whole sentence about the author and the source. This information should be in the list of sources, located on the last page of your research paper. If you just want to reveal the main idea of any text, paraphrase it. This means that you will rephrase the author’s words in your own. Of course, this method requires a citation as well.

  9. List of cited sources.
  10. All the cited sources of your research paper should be mentioned on its last page. List them in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names.

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Research Paper Tips

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