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Tips On How To Format The Four Major Parts Of An APA Research Paper

The grade of a research paper is often based on two things; the quality of the content that you have written and the formatting, spelling, and grammar of the paper. For this reason, it is very important to follow formatting instructions from your teacher. Often, they may assign a style, such as the APA style, to complete your paper in. If you need to write an APA formatted research paper, then here is how you can do it.

Title Page

The title page is the identifying page of the document. It tells readers the title of the paper, who wrote the paper, and which University they attended when they wrote the paper. The title page should have centered text. Your paper’s name will appear first, followed by your own name, and finally, the name of the university that you attend. This should appear toward the middle of the page. Across the top of the page, you will have a running head that displays your title. You will also need to include a page number.


The abstract of your paper is used to summarize what the reader is going to learn. It is often provided in larger research papers to give readers an overview before they delve in to your finding. The abstract should begin with the word “Abstract,” centered as the first line of the page. This should not have any additional formatting such as bolding or italics. Then, write a 150 to 250 word abstract that summarizes your findings, the methods that you used, and your conclusion.

Main Body

The main body of your essay should be written in size 12 font. The font that is used should also be clear and easy to read, like Calibri, Georgia, or Times New Roman. You should follow typical guidelines regarding indentation. Make sure that your page has 1-inch margins all the way around and a header that states both the title and the page number. Finally, be sure to double-space all of the text contained in the body of your document.


The references used in your research paper should be included as the last page. Bold the word “References” as the first line of the page. The entries themselves should be double-spaced, each with a hanging indent. This should be typed in the same font that was used throughout your essay.

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Research Paper Tips

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