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Academic Help: A List Of Interesting Topics For Criminal Justice Research Papers

The judicial system has so many issues that you can write about that there cannot be a dearth of topics! Choosing a topic for your criminal justice paper should come easy to you if you like the subject and know which areas interest you the most.

To find interesting ideas to write your criminal justice paper on, you can go through newspapers and journals, do an online search, or skim through your textbook(s) for inspiration. You can also do an online search and find lists of topics to go through. Here is a compilation of some interesting criminal justice research paper topics for you:

  1. Capital Punishment: A historical analysis.
  2. Is low IQ enough grounds for acquittal in a murder case?
  3. Alternative punishments for the young.
  4. Is death penalty a deterrent?
  5. Women on death row: A profile.
  6. Roe. Vs. Wade- The case that settled the prolife & prochoice debate.
  7. Confession scenarios.
  8. Criminal Procedures.
  9. DNA Evidence: How criminal procedure has changed.
  10. DNA Testing and Offender Profiling.
  11. Racial profiling: Is there personal bias behind racial profiling?
  12. Child labor.
  13. Contract law.
  14. Defense on grounds of insanity: How the US criminal system deals with it.
  15. Marijuana: Legalizing marijuana.
  16. Legal age for drinking alcohol.
  17. Constitutional safeguards for the Fifth Amendment.
  18. Parental Abduction: What happens when a parent takes a child across borders?
  19. Gay and lesbian marriage: A story in progress.
  20. Divorce and the law of personal property.
  21. US prison population: Why is it one of the highest in the world? Do we over-imprison?
  22. Educating the inmates: Is education in confinement a privilege?
  23. Prisons and Privatization: Is it a viable idea to privatize prisons?

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