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A List Of Winning Research Paper Topics About King Arthur

When you write a research paper about a person, especially someone so important like King Arthur, you have to consider all the aspects of his life. Besides, you have to be sure that you do not miss an important fact; it can be vital for his actions or personality. A good composition will be interesting and informative in the same time; it will motivate your classmates to read more about the subject, and it will impress your professor. Of course, choosing a winning topic is never easy, and you should spend a few days for this. If you can’t figure it out, pick one of these ideas:

  • Write about 5th and 6th century. This will allow you to discuss about the society, about politics, religion or traditions. It is important to understand the historical background before you can discuss about him as a person. Were the rules of society different from the ones today?
  • His existence. Surprisingly or not, many people say that it is possible that King Arthur never existed. This is because there are no trustworthy sources that talk about his life; all we know we know from old stories and folklore. What is your opinion about this?
  • Merlin wizard. This is, maybe, the most famous wizard known by people. If he really existed or not is not sure, but he is a real legend. His life is connected to the life of King Arthur, and every modern wizard is compared to him. What stories did you hear about Merlin?
  • Was he a Celtic deity? As incredible as it might sound, some historians say that he was actually an imaginary god; later on, people created legends around him and they got to the conclusion that he was a real King who fought against enemies.
  • Legends and stories. You can tell your classmates some of the stories that were created about him. He is described to be an amazing person who was brave, honest, calm and smart. Could a person be so full of qualities?
  • The Arthur Stone. This artifact was discovered in Cornwall and for a long time it was considered a clear evidence that King Arthur existed. However, a few years later it was proved that the words written there have no clear connection with the King. You can bring pictures to explain this to your colleagues.

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