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Creating A Winning Persuasive Research Paper On Gun Control In The US

The aim of a persuasive research paper is to provide your point of view towards a controversial issue so that the readers agree with you. Gun control in the U.S. is such a topic because there is plenty of good arguments for and against that you can develop and support in your assignment. To compose a winning paper, you need to ask and answer questions, do some literature study, and write the text according to academic standards.

Doing Research and Outlining the Paper

Gun control in the U.S. is quite a broad topic, so you should narrow it down, take a side in the argument, and learn more about it. The following guidelines will help you prepare for effective writing:

  • Consider important aspects of gun control.
  • By studying this subject, you may focus on the “right to bear arms” and its meaning today, gun violence at schools, the role of mental health in gun control, the procedure of getting weapons in different states, etc. Do not start the literature study until you select a narrow topic idea for your assignment.

  • Decide what side of the argument to support.
  • You can either claim that guns should be allowed in all states or argue that lack of control leads to increased violence. No matter what you choose, you will have to address another side of the argument in your work as well. So, make sure to create a brief list of pros and cons for each point of view.

  • Visit the library to get primary sources.
  • It’s recommended to ask one of the librarians to help you pick good sources for your paper. You should study them carefully, take notes, and consider what other sources you may benefit from, e.g. what online articles you should read and what statistics can help you make your point.

Writing Your Research Paper on Gun Control in the US

Once your literature study is completed, you should gather your notes and develop a working thesis statement. Then, write a detailed outline, including your main ideas and supporting details. If you feel like you need more information to cover the chosen topic, visit the library one more time. After you outline your work, it’s time to create a rough draft.

If you have underdeveloped writing skills, it makes sense to get a research paper writing manual and follow its guidelines. Make sure to include all the elements, such as introduction, literature review, methods and approaches, results, and conclusion. Last but not least, edit and proofread the text and format it according to the given instructions.

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